CAMS Educational Outreach

2013 Summer School - Gainesville, Florida
Simulation of Complex Microstructures in Materials

This year's Summer School was held at the University of Florida in Gainesville on May 20-24. We would like to thank the speakers, students, faculty, and all other participants who contributed to making this event a great success! This summer school focused on atomic-scale modeling of materials, with an emphasis on the application of cutting-edge methods to complex microstructures.

Presentations from the 2013 Summer School

A majority of the lectures delivered at the 2013 Summer School are now available online. Links to individual presentations can be found in the program and also on the presentations index page.


School instructors included:

  • Donald Brenner (North Carolina State University)
  • Roger de Souza (RWTH Aachen)
  • Anter El-Azab (Purdue University)
  • Mo Li (Georgia Tech)
  • Steve Plimpton (Sandia National Laboratory)
  • Krishna Rajan (Iowa State University)
  • Muralikrishna Raju (Penn State University)
  • Susan Sinnott (University of Florida)
  • Izabela Szlufarska (University of Wisconsin)
  • Blas Uberuaga (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

View the full program with links to online presentations in video and PDF formats.