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Prismatic dislocation loop (6nm) of UO2

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  • Submitted by Anuj Goyal
  • Submitted on 2013-10-22
  • DOI: 10.7920/F8C8276W


Prismatic dislocation loop (6nm) of UO2
Number of atoms: 283464

Simulation method: MD
Misc. notes:
1. Simulation box is oriented along X[110], Y[1-10] and Z [001] directions for UO2 2. Box dimension is approximately ~ 16 nm along X, Y and Z 3. Dislocation loop lies on Y [1-10] and Z [001] plane 4. Edge Dislocation along Z[001] is <110>(110) type 5. Edge Dislocation along Y[1-10] is <110>(001) type 6. Burgers vector is along 1/2<110> i.e along X 7. Approximate loop radius is 6 nm

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